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The Town Mouse


The Country Mouse

Presented in two acts


In which

The Town Mouse visits her cousin

in the country and has an adventure


In which

The Country Mouse visits the

town and finds a few surprises.


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tale. Lasting an hour the show comprised of a twenty minute first

half in which Mazda the town mouse stays in the countryside with

  her bumpkin cousin Myrtle. With some recognisable songs such as

'Row Your Boat' and 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Str'" we are shown the

      sights and sounds of Myrtle's rural lifestyle....

...During this second half we met Marmalade the cat who got an

     energetic reception from the crowd with slightly pantoeqsue

     chanting. We also saw a fantastic rendition of ten green bottles

     hanging on the wall which I found myself nodding along to. The

     main thing that made this show take the leap from good to excellent

     was the remarkable attention to detail."

                                                Karla Leigh Mouncey-Jaggers

                                                                                Awarded 5 stars


Box Office 020 7249 6876
Children £8.50; Concessions £10; Adults £12
Master, Visa, Amex accepted



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Box Office 020 7249 6876
Children £8.50; Concessions £10; Adults £12
Master, Visa, Amex accepted



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                                                            Country Mouse speaks to Rat




                                      Town Mouse arrives for a visit to the country




                                                                                          Rat moves on


                  "Beautiful puppetry fun for all"


               "In a time of speedy connections, instant information and virtual

        friendships, it’s refreshing to sit and enjoy an hour of traditional

        puppetry at a slower pace than many of us give ourselves time for.

       The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse, by Movingstage, is a tale

       of two very different cultures: city life versus country life. It cleverly

       entwines some family favourites within the storyline such as Three Billy

       Goats Gruff and Ten Green Bottles, giving the little ones songs to sing

       along to and adults an affectionate trip down memory lane.

              The Puppet Barge held its first performance in 1982 and a fully

       dedicated marionette theatre with the ability to move around and

       perform to audiences far and wide. With its low ceiling and tiny

       walkways, this is most definitely a space built with children in mind.

       My little assistant reviewer, three year old Emily, certainly enjoyed 

       clambering around the barge and pointing out the various

       marionettes adorning the walls.

             It came as no surprise to discover that Gren Middleton trained as a

       cameraman as the whole production felt very cinematic, down to the

       pre-recorded vocals and the beautifully lit set. Middleton’s staging and

       lighting particularly excelled during the transitions from night to day,

       with beautiful accents on the vast country sky and bustling city nightlife.

       It was almost like watching a painting come to life and both adults and

       children alike were enthralled at the effortlessness with which the sets

       and lighting atmospheres changes before them.

             Juliet Rogers puppets were quirky and imaginative. The rather

       long- nosed troll certainly hit the right note of being scary enough for

       the Goats Gruff without scaring the younger members of the audience

       too much. The very cute and playful bunny rabbits playing through the

       country night scene was particularly memorable and encouraged

       squeals of delight from us all.
              One thing this production may benefit from could be picking up

       the pace during conversations between characters. Some of the

       scenes felt quite laboured as a result of this slower recorded pace and

       a contrast to the more languid scene changes would have been

       welcome. However, the overall production was a testament to how

        much traditional puppetry can stand the test of time in entertaining

       our children. I’d take a trip to the Puppet Barge over a 30 minute

       episode of Peppa Pig any day."

                                                                       Stacey Permaul

                                                                                        Four stars