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The Puppet Theatre Barge

Buccleuch Gardens, Petersham Road, Richmond TW10 6UT.

(Tube and overground train: Richmond, then a walk or 65 Bus)


In Richmond until September 27th

How to find us

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Movingstage present

Fowl Play


J.E.M. Rogers

A farm yard adventure

for all ages from 3 years up

Runs until
27th September 2015

       Down on the farm a foal is born, causing much

        excitement among the animals. The chickens soon

        spread the news which leads to an unexpected turn

        of events. The production features carved marionettes

        and original music.


Please book early if possible


August 24 to 29 DAILY at 2.30pm

August 30 at 2.00pm

September 5 and 6 at 2.30pm

September 12 at 2.30pm

September 13 at 2.00pm

September 19 and 20 at 2.30pm

September 26 and 27 at 2.30pm


        "I have to admit it is a perfectly enjoyable event for

        grown-ups by themselves if you are looking for a

        theatre outing with a difference and a lot of charm.

       But most importantly all children in the audience

       were absolutely delighted at the show and even the

       youngest stayed captivated until the very end."

Tess Hart -  Remote Goat*****         


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Movingstage are proud to present a new production

for the evening


End Games

Based on the poetry of

Finuala Dowling


"A resounding success."


       Using puppetry, poetry and music, End Games is a marionette

      production based on the subtle and delicate verse of Finuala



      The result of careful craftsmanship, Dowling’s poems are an

      exploration of the ageing process, and provide  a framework

      for this unusual theatrical production. The audience is invited

      into the lives of a group of diverse characters who share their

      experiences together, with humour and warmth


       End Games aims to explore the disconnection between mind

       and body through the unique medium of puppetry. The poems

       are interspersed with scenes based on real-life dialogue and

       interviews with a range of adults who have experienced memory

       loss. By way of contrast, these dramatic and poetic interludes

       alternate with more abstract scenes and the whole work is

       beautifully underlaid by a soundtrack which fragments as the

       piece progresses.


       This production offers an imaginative and creative insight into

        the mind through the power of puppetry and the suspension of

        disbelief – End Games will push the boundaries of human

        theatre to provide a new and distinctive perspective on life. 


Richmond Performances

August 29 at 7.30pm
September 4 at 7.30pm
September 5 at 7.30pm
September 11 at 7.30pm
September 12 at 7.30pm
September 18 at 7.30pm
September 19 at 7.30pm
September 25 at 7.30pm
September 26 at 7.30pm


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Box office: +44(0)20 7249 6876

or email for further information

Master, Visa, Amex accepted

Children £8.50 Concessions £10 Adults £12




Autumn plans can be seen here





                                                                      Molly and friends



                                                                                               Owl gives his wise advice

     "Everyone who's visited the Puppet Theatre Barge knows

      it's one of the most charming theatrical experiences

      London has to offer. From the moment you step aboard

      you're transported to the wonderful world of Movingstage

      Marionettes, with their humourous, song-filled string-alongs."

                                                                         TIME OUT

      "My children were spellbound throughout and my senses
      were so tangled up, I needed a minute or two to collect

                                                        COUNTRY AND TOWN HOUSE

      "A gorgeous and skilful performance at a great location
. A

       visit to The Puppet Theatre Barge is the perfect treat for an

      adult or child."

                                                                   EVERYTHING THEATRE



                                                                              Grandma and kids


"But by and by, for we are gentler than we seem,
We turn to higher things,
And relegate the rumour of old age
To where it belongs, alongside
Other unbelievable scandals of fraud and bestiality."

                                                           Finuala Dowling




Barge proprietor Gren Middleton has written a book about

 the adventures of creating the Puppet Barge.


                           Like a Dead Bird Flying

           The foreword is written by Barge patron Michael Palin


The above title is now on sale

 from the following outlets: and

A fascinating journey of discovery