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          The Puppet Theatre Barge

     is currently moored on the Thames for the

  Richmond-on-Thames season

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           Movingstage Marionette Company


           Brer Rabbit visits Africa


co -starring with


Brer Buzzard

Brer Fox

Brer Lion

Brer Elephant


Brer Frogs

Brer Monkey

Brer Tortoise

Cousin Hare


A wonderful adventure

For all the family


Avoid disappointment

Book for Brer Rabbit now!


                       DAILY at 2.30pm

                      August 25 to 31

                   September 1 at 2.00pm

            September 2,3,4,10,11,17,18,24,25

                          All at 2.30pm

                    October 1 & 2 at 2.30pm


               Beautifully narrated by Rudolf Walker. 

                               (Suitable for everyone down to 3 year olds).


                   Book for Brer Rabbit


     The Puppet Barge is located at Richmond

                  until October 2nd 2016



              Treat yourself to an evening performance

              The Ancient Mariner

                             by S. T. Coleridge


      September 3, 9 & 10, 16 & 17, 23 & 24, 30

                              All at 7.30pm

                        October 1 at 7.30pm


       The Ancient Mariner is in atmosphere both super 

       natural and romantic. Its story is simple, yet touched

       with a primitive fear that rises ever and again to

       haunt us. By shooting the albatross, the Mariner

       sinned against nature and thereby cut himself off

       from God and his fellow men.

       Only when he takes an interest in the sea serpents,

       the lowest of all creatures, does he heal the breach

       and cast off the spell of isolation and loneliness.

       The mystical bond that links nature, man and God

       has been used in The Ancient Mariner as the

       central theme of wonder and romance.

Suitable for adults.       



                   To book for the Mariner


    The Puppet Barge is located at Richmond

                   until October 2nd 2016

              Box Office 020 7249 6876
           Children £8.50; Concessions £10; Adults £12
                            Master, Visa, Amex accepted



      "Puppetry is a form of ecstasy, just as music

       is. It is caused by an overflow of muscle-

       power and brain-activity and by an urgent

       happiness that can’t be held back, and has

       to manifest itself."

                                    Peter Schumann

                                    Bread & Puppet Company

                                           Stories of Struggle & Faith

                                           from Central America’ 1985



      After the summer tour the barge needs to be

      taken out of the water for maintenance. This is an

      expensive procedure and we need your help. The

      project is seeking help through crowd funding and we

      ask you to pledge any amount starting from £2.00.

      We hope to reach our target by the 9th October 2016.


          For more details about the project and to pledge:


Please pledge now



 The journey from Little Venice

in pictures

Richmond season








                                                                                           Brer Rabbit



          Brer Rabbit travels to Africa to visit his grand-mother.

           He gets himself into trouble, and all the animals of

          Africa – elephant, lion and tortoise    alike – gather

          to help. Based on the traditional Brer Rabbit tales,

          this show was specially written for the company.


         “… the expressivness of the rabbit’s ears, the jolly dancing

         frogs, capering monkey and the graceful motion of the

         buzzard’s wings in flight have a mesmerising effect on their


                                                                                                       TIME OUT






                                                             The Ancient Mariner




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