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The Puppet Theatre Barge

Little Venice,

opposite 35 Blomfield Road, W9 2PF

Central London

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Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby


J.E.M. Rogers


              Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby is a show to delight all ages. Out of the

              book Uncle Remus by Joel Chandler Harris, this production features

              some of the favourite episodes from the famous Brer Rabbit stories.


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Suitable for 3 years and above


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  Only two more weekends to see this show 


May 9 at 11am and 3pm

 May 10 at 3pm

   May 16 at 11am and 3pm

  May 17 at  3pm


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Box office: +44(0)20 7249 6876

Master, Visa, Amex accepted

Children £8.50, Concessions £10, Adults £12





Little Venice May/June/July

he next show will be


Fowl Play


J.E.M. Rogers

A farm yard adventure

for all ages from 3 years up


      Down on the farmyard a foal is born, causing

      much excitement among the animals. The

      chickens soon spread the news which leads to

      an unexpected turn of events. The production

      features carved marionettes and original music.


         Opens Saturday 23rd May 2015


May 23 at 11am and 3pm


May 24 to 29 at 3pm

May 30 at 11am and 3pm

May 31 at 3pm

June 6 at 11am and 3pm

June 7 at 3pm

June 13 at 11am and 3pm

June 14 at 3pm

June 20 at 11am and 3pm

June 21 at 3pm

June 27 at 11am and 3pm

June 28 at 3pm

July 4 at 11am and 3pm

July 5 at 3pm

July 11 at 11am and 3pm

July12 at 3pm


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This show will also be performed during August and September when the barge is at Richmond


Telephone +44(0)20 7249 6876

or email for further information

Master, Visa, Amex accepted

Children £8.50, Concessions £10, Adults £12




The Richmond season opens on

24th July

Plans for the summer can be seen here


The season will open with

The three Pigs and the Wolf




Barge proprietor Gren Middleton has written a book about

the adventures of creating the Puppet Barge.


                               Like a Dead Bird Flying

               The foreword is written by Barge patron Michael Palin





                                                                                        Brer Rabbit

      "This beautiful spectacle involving exquisite wooden

      likenesses of rabbits, foxes, mice and even a tortoise, is

      surely one of the sweetest shows in London. Squeezed

      under the cramped cast-iron eaves of the motor vessel

      Maybrent (moored just off Blomfield Road) 50 of us watched

       JEM Rogers 's delightful adaptation from the Brer Rabbit

      stories, narrated by Rudolf Walker. This story involves a wily

      Fox but an even wilier Rabbit, who spends most of his time

      outwitting his traditional enemy...the puppets are beautiful

      and expertly manipulated."

                                                        James Wood The Guardian




                                                                        Molly and friends



                                                                                                    Owl gives his wise advice



                                                                                                                                           Molly and Dog

"Everyone who's visited the Puppet Theatre Barge moored in

Little Venice, knows it's one of the most charming theatrical experiences London has to offer. From the moment you step aboard you're transported to the wonderful world of

Movingstage Marionettes, with their humourous,
song-filled string-alongs."

                                                                               TIME OUT

"My children were spellbound throughout and my senses
were so tangled up, I needed a minute or two to collect myself."

                                              COUNTRY AND TOWN HOUSE

"A gorgeous and skilful performance at a great location. A visit to The Puppet Theatre Barge in Little Venice is the perfect treat for an adult or child."

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