The PUPPET THEATRE BARGE presented a thought provoking new marionette spectacle

entitled THE MONEY GAME for Suspense, the festival of puppetry for adults, held during November 2011.

The production, produced over a period of three years, tells the story

of an obsession planted in the mind of a boy by a thinking headmaster. The obsession is with him for

the rest of his life and becomes a journey that takes him through the tribal rituals of an African village,

to the Hopi, people of peace and to the City of London, all seminal experiences. Weaving through

these episodes is a love story of intense beauty.


Here are some pictures taken during the making of the show.

The marionettes were carved by Gren Middleton, Sarah Fitzpatrick & Nele DeCraeker

and dressed by Juliet Rogers.

The 'Money Game Machine' constructed by Bea Pentney















A synopsis


 Un-asked questions: 

To examine the above questions in a theatrical format, the marionette. with some intervention

by shadow images, was chosen.

Following a playground altercation with his black girlfriend, Tom is given a task of finding

wisdom, as a punishment, by the head-master at the school. He learns why peace is better

enjoyed by an understanding of war. He meets an old soldier in hospital and meets an African boy soldier.

An African ceremony of healing informs the audience. Tom discovers that diamonds cause conflict.

He attends a ceremony with the Hopi, people of peace, in Arizona.

He witnesses the all star international series of the Money Game and learns about the manipulation

of the world money markets and the part diamonds play in it.

He discovers love and learns about death. 

The audience become aware of the perspective of time.



   “On the day that I die I would like stories to be told…”    Paul McCartney  

(Paul played Yellow Submarine during the interval on the Puppet Theatre Barge, the audience were electrified)



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